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Some brief help


Your starting point is your e-mail address. You can very simply access it through the webmail interface.
Your browser will complain about mis-matched security certificates during the first connection. This is fine. You can permanently waive this warning away.

Your password

You can change your password and alter a few settings at the mailbox settings page.

Mail client

Your e-mail client (such as Thunderbird) needs a little information so it can fetch your mail. Always use:

Sending messages is done over the SMTP protocol. Make sure you are using STARTTLS encryption and that the port is set to 587. Your client will complain about mis-matched security certificates during the first connection, which is fine.

Receiving messages is done either one of two ways:

More information is available here, and there.

Instant Messaging

For instant messaging, menopresto uses Jabber, an open protocol – so you can chat in real time with other acquaintances. The chat feature in the Google accounts is compatible with Jabber (whose real name is XMPP).

Your Jabber account has the same name as your e-mail. Just login with a program such as Pidgin. To keep your conversations safe from eavesdroping (for example if you use wifi), activate protocol encryption in your program settings.

Your Jabber account can also be used for video chat, but the modest server often struggles under the load, so do not expect high reliability.

Your own blog

You can have your own webspace at Olivier can install the Wordpress blogging software there for you, but you can also set-up your own project yourself. Incredible things have been started in this way.

Your own domain

If you want to push things further, you can also register your own domain (something like, and plug it into the hosting at menopresto. It costs around €10 per year.


In case you struggle, get in touch with the owner.